Turned Parts

Turned Parts

What Are Turned Parts?

Turned parts are mechanically created, rotationally symmetrical objects that are produced via the turning process. Welded parts are used in welding, laser parts are used in laser cutting, and milled parts are used in milling.

The product is manufactured with lathes for turning-milling centres throughout the turning operation. A turning chisel is used to shape the turned components in this technique. The turning chisel removes the extra material from the turned item, often at speeds exceeding 1,000 rpm. The turning rate and feed rate while turning are influenced by the material parameters, tools, and the size to be manufactured.

Your Experts for Turned Parts

We can give you the highest quality precision turned parts if you need them. We are a precision turned parts manufacturer specializing in a wide range of parts for applications including heaters, cars, pumps, hoses, sensors, pipelines, gauges, and solar equipment.

We strive to make high-quality items, and it all starts with the raw materials, which we select with care to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality. We then ensure that the best production procedures are used to ensure that the overall products are the best precision turned parts available. Mould tooling is not used to produce each part. We believe in providing the finest value for money, which is why we make certain that everything is of the highest quality possible.

Properties of Turned Parts

  • High precision
  • Can cater to any size or configuration demand
  • Lower cost
  • High quality product
  • Less maintenance
  • Available in different materials
  • High turning efficiency
  • Customizable
  • Economical production
  • Better precision production level

Applications of CNC Turned Parts

  • Aerospace
  • Cement Plants
  • Food Plants
  • Medical & Surgical
  • Power Transmission
  • Rolling Mills
  • Automation Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • General Engineering
  • Military
  • Racing
  • Steel Plants

We Deliver Precision

We are happy to provide our customers with high-quality CNC turned components that represent the best of what a CNC turned parts manufacturer has to offer. Our high-quality precision designed items are available to businesses across China and in a wide range of industries. You can count on us to satisfy your specific requirements every time, regardless of the demands.

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