Sheet Metal Forming Parts

Sheet Metal Forming Parts

A flat metal sheet is used to construct the overall form of an item in sheet metal forming.

Without any processing, such as milling, the final structure is created through ductile materials. Sheet metal forming is utilized in practically every area of industrial manufacturing, including the automobile, aircraft, home appliance, and food industries, among others.

Sheet metal forming procedures include applying force to a sheet of metal to change its structure instead of removing any material. The applied load pushes the metal far beyond the ultimate tensile, allowing it to distort but not break plastically. The sheet can then be twisted or expanded into several intricate forms as a result.

The following are examples of sheet metal forming processes—

  • Bending
  • Roll forming
  • Stretch forming
  • Deep Drawing
  • Spinning

We manufacture and supply sheet metal forming parts in-house to ensure we can have tabs on lead times and control quality. If you are looking to buy high-quality sheet metal forming parts, look no further. We can help you!

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