Manufacturing Capacity

Manufacturing Capacity

Our manufacturing capacity is 30K-50K pcs monthly, and it is variable depending on the difficulty of the parts ordered.


  • Aluminum : Al6061 / 7075
  • Stainless steel : sus303 / 304, ss440c, 17-4PH
  • Plastics :esd225 / 420, POM, Derlin, POM, saigang, engineering plastics peek, etc
  • Copper :Copper based metal alloys include brass (Alloy 260.Alloy 272) and bronze (Alloy 932. Alloy 954.)
  • Mould steel:s136h, SKD61
  • Special treatment :oxidation electroplating, EDM, carburizing, nitriding, hard oxidation, polishing
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

IQC - Incoming Materials Quality Check, to check the raw material before production. LYH has a number of advanced inspection equipment, such as microscope, projector, hardness tester and Swiss altimeter, which can meet the IQC inspection of various raw materials

FQC - Final Quality Check, this is to check the finished products. LTH has two-dimensional inspection equipment, which can carry out high-precision measurement and inspection on processed workpieces. The accuracy of general workpieces can reach ± 0.01mm, and the maximum accuracy can meet the requirements of customers of ± 0.005mm

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