Oil & Mining

Oil & Mining

Large parts manufactured for these industries, whether for mining, oil/gas drilling, or heavy construction, should work safely and effectively under extreme conditions. This frequently necessitates the kind of specialist CNC machining solutions that LTH can provide for situations with huge work boundaries. As we've done it previously, LTH is familiar with these criteria. In other words, you require machining equipment that is accurate, consistent, fast, and dependable. CNC machines from LTH can do all this and more.

We Have the Expertise to Be Competitive In The Oil, And Mining Industries

We understand the necessity and importance of particular parts and systems that should endure the severe and hostile conditions that their application needs in the oil and mining industry.

Pressure, rusting, storm surge, and the expenses of setup, maintenance, and servicing are all considered as functionally vital, as is the knowledge of ensuring that parts and components are made to customer's requirements, each and every time, and on time.

These are the very main reason why we've invested not just in cutting-edge production and inspection procedures, but also in advanced scheduling system to ensure that production meets or exceeds our customers' demands on every level.

Our comprehensive precision engineering services and expertise in the oil and mining industry have established us as a top oil and mining engineering firm for important engineered and machined parts.

Mining Equipment Parts

It's a significant concern to replace or repair mining components. Every hour that goes when equipment breaks are damaging to the bottom line and raises the risk to the mining workers. Furthermore, mining and extraction parts can be highly complex, necessitating the use of extra secondary products during the event.

We Have the Right Machining Solution for Your Oil or Mining Application

When manufacturing replacement components, we can provide precise accuracy and often produce the product faster than any other equipment. We also assist with setup and training so that your manufacturing team can get the most out of your machine.

When looking for expert suppliers’ in manufacturing specialized parts that are made for oil rigs, harsh drilling, and other mining processes, we are the answer!

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