Medical and Health Care

Medical and Health Care

Custom Machined Parts for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

In today's medical profession, high-quality medical equipment and devices is a must. Machine manufacturers can customise production systems to the greatest degree possible, ensuring that everything is made to the highest quality level.

Our micromachining professionals work with a variety of materials, including titanium, and stainless steel, to create tiny parts that are necessary for the proper functioning of medical tools and equipment.

Our Perfectionism, Machining Capacity, And Strong Supply Base Make Us Unique

LTH is a dependable source for surgical tools, medical equipment, and machinery that require medical parts. We ensure the finest tolerance and accuracy possible. LTH is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients and medical personnel in the healthcare sector.

Our professional machinists can build a bespoke medical part with the maximum accuracy possible because of their years of CNC experience. Our reputation and experience have not fallen on deaf ears.

CNC Medical Machining

We are 5 axis machining professionals with extensive expertise using this sophisticated form of CNC machining in our healthcare production line. Our 5 axis machines and qualitative services us to produce even the most complicated medical device parts quickly and with minimal set-ups, saving our clients time and effort while adhering to regulatory requirements. We handle medical-grade materials on a daily basis, guaranteeing that all components and equipment are flawlessly compliant with all applicable standards.

Machining To the Highest Medical Industry Standards Ensures Precision

The outcome of a medical operation is influenced by a number of elements. Medical CNC machining is in the same boat. Our facility is temperature and dust-controlled to provide the optimal situation for each operation, ensuring high accuracy results. We think that a perfect setting produces perfect products and allows us to attain the closest tolerances possible.

We have continued to invest in cutting-edge facilities and technologies as our expertise in medical manufacturing and design has advanced. From device design and manufacturing through part inspection and management solutions, we are committed to assuring best practise and consistent quality in all we do.

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