We bring the resources required to create best-in-class goods for our clients, whether it's a standard part or a bespoke part, as a leader in the field. You can rely on us for the most innovative designs, planning, prototyping, and pilot manufacturing for your application, no matter what it is.

Quality Materials

Agricultural applications, from farm machinery to industrial agricultural components, demand durable metal components made of high-quality, cost-effective materials. Our staff is capable of working with any metal you request, including a number of specialized materials.

Agricultural Parts with High Precision

Our precision parts fulfil the stringent demands of today's most intensive agriculture machinery, making us the preferred partner of top equipment manufacturers.

Craftsmanship and Expertise

LTH has fine-tuned its manual scraping skills throughout the years, obtaining the highest level of precision that only experienced masters can achieve. This enables us to create machine tools with unrivalled precision, allowing us to attenuate vibrations and transmit materials steadily during heavy-cutting operations.

Tradition and Innovation

Our constant R&D efforts to manufacture high-quality machines that exceed client expectations are LTH's major competitive advantage. With decades of machine tool knowledge, we are always challenging ourselves to strengthen cooperation through vertical industrial machinery standardisation.

Your PERFECT Partner for Agricultural Machining Parts

Our agricultural products are made in China and supplied throughout the country and world. We understand the importance of innovation and long-term value to your business as both an economically sound firm with extensive experience and your China-based partner. You may rely on us because of our unrivalled engineering expertise, product diversity, commitment to service, and logistical assistance.

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