Carbon Steel Parts

Carbon Steel Parts

One of the most common metals we work with is carbon steel.

The carbon content of steel determines its strength; the higher the carbon percentage, the harder the steel, the better the hardness, but the inferior the flexibility. It can be shaped, cut, machined, punctured, and soldered, and is used in a range of industries. Carbon steel is divided into three varieties, each with a distinct maximum strength.

Properties of Carbon Steel

  • Higher strength
  • Completely reusable and recyclable for the sustainable processing
  • Increased carbonizing capacity
  • Economical metal

Carbon steel is split into three varieties based on the application needs of various industries: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. Carbon steel is available in a variety of strengths and applications.

Uses of Carbon Steel

  • Beams
  • Cabinets
  • Hammers
  • Screw drivers
  • Standard parts
  • Bar
  • Chains
  • Pipes
  • Screws
  • Steel structural parts

For many years, we have specialized in the fabrication of bespoke carbon steel parts and have collected extensive processing knowledge. It can handle high-precision carbon steel stamping parts, carbon steel sheet metal bending parts, carbon steel CNC machining parts, and a variety of additional production services.

We excel in combining diverse production capabilities to provide high-quality custom carbon steel parts and materials in a single location. At the same time, high tolerance requirements for shape, material, and size are maintained while staying away from using any mould tooling. Our objective has been to deliver extremely intricate metal components for many years. Each of our custom carbon steel parts produced is meticulously treated to ensure optimal quality.

Years of experience have taught us about the properties of carbon steel and how it reacts to temperature and pressure while dealing with it. This level of expertise ensures that the fabrication meets and exceeds the design parameters. We can handle major projects from start to finish or provide assistance at any point during the process.

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