Aluminum Parts

Aluminum Parts

Aluminum is a silver-colored, lightweight, non-magnetic metal. It’s widely used to make CNC machining parts without any mould tooling’s. It can be made into robust protective tank sheets or thin wrapping foil.

Aluminum is a soft metal with minimal strength. To improve durability, low concentrations of metals like copper, magnesium, and zinc are frequently added. It has only been manufactured for the past many years.

Properties of Aluminum Machined Part

Aluminum CNC machining parts help achieve repeatability, precision and high productivity. Aluminum CNC machining parts, unlike many manufacturing operations, allow companies to make the most of material qualities. CNC aluminium machining services can make maximum use of these features. In the past few years, the following attributes of material combined with CNC machining have played an important role in the increasing demand for CNC machined aluminum parts.

  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Good heat and electrical conductivity
  • Reflects light and heat
  • Recyclable
  • Excellent weight-to-strength ratio
  • Simple to machine
  • Can withstand temperature variations
  • Highly customizable

Applications Of Custom Machined Aluminum Parts

  • Aircraft Parts
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Handles and Knobs
  • Optical Reflectors
  • Auto Parts
  • Engine Parts
  • Lighting Fixtures

If you are looking for custom machined aluminum parts for your defence or military projects, or aeronautical or aerospace applications, you can rely on us. In contrast to regular production parts out of moulds, our CNC parts do not require any mould tooling to manufacture each piece. We specialize in aluminum machined parts and have delivered precise custom machined aluminum parts to clients in a variety of sectors. Precision machining, CNC milling and turning, and production wire EDM are among the CNC machining services offered by us.

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